The product groups for which De Schakel contracts supply positions and crops are:

Pulses (leguminous): green peas, marrowfat peas, broad beans, snap beans, haricots verts, flageolet beans. Leafy vegetables: spinach, iceberg salad, leek. Brassica: kale, broccoli. Root vegetables: carrots ready for consumption, parsnips, imperators, winter carrots, yellow carrots, salsify. With market opportunities in the agricultural and vegetable processing industries expanding, De Schakel recently prepared the cultivation of edamame-soya, squashes, onion, celeriac and herbs to add to its product portfolio.



To answer to the constantly changing demand from the market, the De Schakel offering is also constantly changing. For example, De Schakel has also been specialising in the cultivation of Herbs & Squash, among others, since 2016.

Quality marks

De Schakel-affiliated growers each have an individual (certified) operating system. This means that we can attribute the various desired quality marks of the Food Safety Certificate standard to our products. From VVaK-NL / Vegaplan-BE / Q+S-DE for vegetable processing and the international Global-GAP for the fresh market to more sustainability quality marks, such as Milieukeur and Veldleeuwerik, as well as the Organic segment. Within the Organic segment, our growers are associated with the European standard for organic produce and production, and with private links such as Demeter, Bioland and Naturland. These product quality marks are recorded in quality lines within the De Schakel internal operations process, right up to delivery so that they can be traced back to the individual crop.

If you are interested in any other vegetable crops, or in cultivating them, please get in touch.

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