Knowledge & innovation

Growing model

Establishing a growing model for supplying products within the chain requires expert knowledge of: optimal growing conditions. The process for achieving successful cultivation and supply results involves closely monitoring the land, crop and product.

Optimal growing conditions:

  • sowing- and harvesting planning
  • sowing- and harvesting technology
  • Chain logistics
  • Analysis / accountability of input


De Schakel's experts have a specialist digital growing system (ERP system) available to them that continually collects data on the land, crop and product and combines that data with external data. Model-based analysis of this data allows for up-to-date and specific individual predictive advice to be formulated for the grower. With monitoring on the land, supported by crop data that is collected by means of intelligent digital techniques (Smartfarming, sensors, geographical IT), an efficient and sustainable system for supplying the product is achieved within our vision. The exchange of information with the grower results in interaction that further facilitates transparency, trust and traceability. 

Crop registration system

The recording of field and crop events is an important part of responsible crop input for product delivery. De Schakel offers support in this through the registration model on the website. Within this application, data on an individual crop will be populated with known data regarding the starting situation, and supplemented by the grower with data on fertilisation, crop protection and treatments.

In its efforts to continually develop its knowledge, De Schakel harbours intensive relationships with suppliers, advisory bodies and research organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In Belgium and Germany, among others: WUR-PPO, Flanders-Food, Landwirtschaftskammer. In the Netherlands, De Schakel is a member of the interest group TOG (Teelt Ondersteuning Groenten).