Common Market Organisation (CMO)

De Schakel is a growers' association recognised by the European Union and is as such eligible for EU subsidies under the CMO (Common Market Organisation) regulation. The purpose of this regulation is to strengthen the sales position of individual growers through promoting collective supply via grower associations.

Under the CMO regulation, recognised producer associations can submit proposals for projects to be subsidised by up to 50 per cent. The condition is that the producer association accounts for the remaining 50 per cent of the costs of the project itself. In theory, this equates to 4.1% of the grower association's gross cash turnover.
De Schakel primarily invests CMO funding into growing advice and supervision, research and in projects aimed at grouping market sales, increasing value, innovation, environment and in making growing and production techniques more sustainable.

Europa GMO

Strengthened position

De Schakel considers enhancing quality - of products, production techniques, the production process and of business operations in general - as the best way to strengthen the position of its grower-members. Better quality after all means better profits and greater yields. DE SCHAKEL is aware that quality is largely a matter of knowledge, and that better quality requires more knowledge in particular. The accumulation and sharing of knowledge are therefore focal points in the DE SCHAKEL policy and in the activities De Schakel Contractteelt develops and carries out in implementing that policy.


Recognition by and entitlements to the EU CMO programme are limited to (recognised) producer associations that satisfy the rules regarding independence, transparent and democratic organisational structure, own supply and grower-members that deliver their entire production to the producer association.

To monitor the rules regarding membership and supply obligation, De Schakel has put internal systems in place that ensure the rules prescribed by the EU are met.
De Schakel has recognition and supply for a range of products for which there is thus a supply obligation on the part of affiliated members.

Supply obligation / system

  1. Crop plan inventory start of growing season
    • time of recording takes place start of growing season coordinating supply and demand
    • growing area for own business operations
    • distinction between recognised products, non-recognised products and other (arable) crops part of business operations
    • granting of exemptions in situations with supply outside of De Schakel (value of supply)
    • interim notice of expansion of operations outside of De Schakel for recognised vegetable crops
  2. On-field checks -> report findings -> remove warnings or sanctions
  3. Crop plan check end of growing season
    • inventory of areas cultivated and gross cash turnover gained on exemptions granted
  4. Crop check -> declaration of difference to supply forecast norm
  5. Grower-member financial turnover statements of value of supplies including organic supplies for relevant growing year
  6. Accountant's check (sample and sanctioned grower-members)

membership / terms and conditions

  1. Supplying product to De Schakel
  2. Membership limited to one grower association, unless no equivalent product type recognition exists
  3. Verifiable situation regarding supplies outside of the grower organisation
  4. Cancellation of membership for the subsequent year by written notice before 1st October or no crop exploitation from recognised De Schakel products for the 2 previous years.